We are happy to announce another success of GCWine and partnership with Papuna’s Cellar!

We recognize the vital role played by our partners in the production of unique Georgian wine????❤️ . We extend our sincere gratitude to Papuna’s Cellar for joining forces with us, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration ????????????????. Through this partnership, we aim to raise global awareness of Georgian wine by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. We sincerely believe that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey together, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. ????????????????????

“Papuna’s Cellar” is now present within the area of the family, natural, Kakhetian small wineries. It is a family wine cellar, producing the Qvevri wine strictly following the traditional rules. The brand, for about three years now, has been available for Georgian customers and has become very popular. “Papuna’s Cellar” was established in 2016, it is located in town Kvareli. Total area of the Company vineyards, located in Kvareli micro zone with its unique soils, is 4,5 hectares.

The title itself – “Papuna’s Cellar” is linked with the ancient Qvevris, left by the grandfather. Exactly in these Qvevris (pitchers) unique aroma and taste of wine is “created”. This winemaking technology is signified, ancient, conveyed from grandfather to the grandson, named Papuna, and that’s why the Company has been called “Papuna’s Cellar”. Now, Papuna and his father David, lead this household.

In Kvareli house, 12 Qvevris of various volumes, with total capacity of 10 tons, are placed within the wine cellar area. Wine is produced only in these Qvevris. Qvevris of “Papuna’s Cellar” are unique, conveyed from the ancestors. The cellar was built in 1953. Its expansion, creation of the tasting conditions and its use for the tourism purposes, are the future prospects, business expansion is being planned as well.

“Papuna’s Cellar” is a knowledge, that has been conveyed from one generation to another and it is a tradition that has become a business. Despite a great experience, the Cellar appeared on the market only in 2017, introducing the vintage 2016 Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. Initially, “Papuna’s Cellar” produced small quantities of wine, just for the family use, and later on, proper by Papuna’s initiative, they decided to apply a commercial load to their wine, bottled the wine, made labels and started to present it at the inner market of Georgia. They gained great favor quite soon. At the 4th National Wine Contest (October 8th, 2017), a “toddler”, one-year old Saperavi by “Papuna’s Cellar” became a winner of the nomination “The Best Natural Red Qvevri Wine”.

This victory was soon followed by another award: at an “International Qvevri Wine Competition”, where 150 different wines were presented, “Papuna’ Cellar’s” Saperavi (Qvevri, Red, Dry, vintage 2016) won a silver medal. Also, in 2018, a silver medal was won by vintage 2017 Qvevri’s Saperavi. (…silver medal semi dry 2017,2019,2020 . Dry 2018,2019,2020) Considering the said, “Papuna’s Cellar” is trying to preserve the quality of the produced wine and we see a constant care for the quality improvement.

It should be noted as well, that wines produced by “Papuna’s Cellar”, participated in the wine festivals, several participations in Tbilisi, Mtatsminda Festival; also, there was a participation in the “Orange” Festival held in Vienna, Austria in November 2018, where wines of the Company – both Saperavi and Rkatsiteli – were very highly appreciated.

Currently, wines produced by “Papuna’s Cellar” are available in the specialized stores, located in the Capital of Georgia (Kote Abkhazi Street (former Leselidze Street), Chardin Street, April 9th Street (Near the Parliament)) and small quantities of wine are exported as well.

Out of white, dry wines, Papuna’s Cellar” produces an amber colored Rkatsiteli (With distinguished aromas of: Qvevri, dried quince, dry flowers, hay); And of the red wines – Saperavi (with the aromas of: prunes, chocolate, black currant taste features). Production of other varieties of wine, namely: Mukuzani, Mtsvane, Kisi, Khikhvi and etc. is planned for the nearest future.

And winemaking technology is the following: for 4 months after the fermentation of the grapes, wine is kept, with its own pomace, in Qvevri; and later on is placed for a period from 3 months to 1 year, in the oak barrels, where it naturally gains various aromas.

“Papuna’s Cellar” produces the bottled wine in limited quantities, which enables the Company to preserve the high quality of its wines.

“Papuna’s Cellar” is also very popular on a social network, Company has a lot of likes and subscribers.

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