Founder's Letter to the Society

We warn you, read carefully and understand the risk factors, do not buy GCWine (GCW) token with such money and do not invest your entire savings, invest only the amount, the total loss of which will not cause a sharp deterioration in your financial situation. The crypto market is very risky and highly volatile, which can make you lose your entire savings, Therefore, before you decide to buy/sell GCWine (GCW) Token, consult with the relevant professionals and buy/sell GCWine (GCW) Token at your own risk and responsibility, thereby we remove all liability towards you, and invest only if you agree to these terms. If you buy a GCWine (GCW) token, you understand all the risks and you accept, according to which we are released from all obligations and responsibilities for your lost money.
GCWine (GCW) token is a utility token and will become a bridge between real business and digital world. Which Bitcoin was supposed to be, but Bitcoin was formed and developed as digital gold and will remain so. The GCWine (GCW) token will be the digital money with which you will be able to buy the products and services of "Georgia Wine Cradle" and our partner companies in Momava in the near future.
Our goal is to start with wine and then cover the entire food market worldwide in the long term, so that through the GCWine (GCW) token, it is possible to buy beverages and food products in most countries around the world. You can read more about our future activities and token features in the white paper.
Connecting crypto to real business is not so easy, because a large number of people in real business are very skeptical about this issue, mistrust it, given the existing risk factors and volatility, so the easiest solution is for crypto itself to build a real business.
I, as the author of this idea, the founder and founder of "Georgia Wine Cradle", have been in contact with the crypto world for a long time and have investments in coins and tokens that I cannot use in real life, and this problem was clearly known to me, so I decided to solve it myself and find a solution to the problem. the easiest ways.
ьтаты перевода I am Georgian, I have Georgian blood in my veins, which I am very proud of. Like all Georgians, I have been in contact with wine since childhood, I have often made wine using ancient traditional methods, as well as chacha (Georgian well vodka). As you already know from the history of Georgian wine, Georgia is the homeland of wine, it is associated with our identity, and for eight thousand years we have been making wine using the same traditional method as it was made then (of course we also use modern methods), so I decided to create a Georgian wine token, which I would also connect the real business to the digital one, and along with many other functions and purposes, it will be possible to buy Georgian wine. I decided to have a very high total amount and a very low price so that anyone who meets and agrees to our terms and conditions can buy this token regardless of their financial ability, and we also set a maximum purchase amount of 10 BNB per verified user. In order not to centralize funds to meet as many people as possible, our goal is to give a few coins to many people, not a lot of coins to a few, which directly contradicts the cache system and distribution.
This is how we are going to cross the canyon between real business and digital business.