The role of the white paper

The Whitepaper is a document that outlines the details including the features, goals, and roadmap of a crypto project. The GCWine project also has a Whitepaper that provides more information about our activities, token features, risks and more.
The Whitepaper is of crucial importance. It contains important information which helps you understand the GCWine project and decide whether or not to buy the GCWine tokens. You must not buy the GCWine tokens without carefully reading the Whitepaper and our Terms and Conditions in advance.
Yes. Distributing the Whitepaper in certain countries, including the countries which belong to the Excluded Jurisdictions according to our Terms and Conditions, might be prohibited or restricted by the local law,. Only you are responsible for checking the legality of distribution of the Whitepaper in a particular country. We disclaim any liability in this regard.