The team behind the GCWine project

Georgia Cradle of Wine LLC is behind the GCWine project. It is a company registered in Georgia and is subject to the requirements determined by the legislation of Georgia. The GCWine project is run by a team of wine and blockchain experts who aim to revolutionize the wine trade and modernize the wine industry. Another objective is to integrate crypto into a real-world business
The GCWine team comprises of staff specialized in various fields including company management, winemaking, blockchain, law, design, web development, marketing and other fields, the experience in which they gained while studying and working in these and other fields. Some of our team members and their families pursue winemaking with traditional Georgian methods (but not for commercial purposes). The love and respect for winemaking and blokchain is what brings our team together. You can see the list of our team members on our website:
Our partners are basically small winemakers with the highest quality of wine. However, they are not financially involved in the GCWine project.
The GCWine project is supported by people being experts in their fields who are in our team and basically work with their specialties. However, we work as a team practically on every task.