We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Telavi Old Cellar !

???? თელავის ძველი მარანი-Telavi Old CellarAt GCWine, ????we recognize the vital role that our partners play in producing the unique Georgian wine????????. We extend our sincere gratitude to Telavi Old Cellar for joining forces with us, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration????????????.Through this partnership, we aim to raise global awareness of Georgian wine by leveraging cutting-edge and innovative technologies.We believe that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey together, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

✔️Archil Utiashvili is a viticulturist, winemaker and the founder of LTD Telavi Old Cellar, which he founded in 2011. His Goal is to produce high-quality wine. For producing wine he uses grapes that are raped in his own vineyard. In 2010 he bought a vineyard of Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, cultivated in 1970 in Kakheti, Tsinandali micro-zone, Telavi, village Kurdghelauri, 510m above the sea level. The soil was not saturated with chemicals. The only thing he had to deal with was incorrectly formed weak vines. Lots of people advised him to uproot the old and weak vineyard because of its unprofitability, and to cultivate a new vineyard. These crooked vines were precious and important to him like an old man with a great life experience, so he decided to keep them. The step-by-step improvement of the vineyard took years of hard work. As a result, the vineyard gave him the best wine, and this way the old vine conveyed its gratitude to him. As a sign of respect, this old wine is depicted on the labels of different wine bottles under the brand Archil’s Wine.

For taking care of the vineyard he uses only biologically and ecologically clean means and methods. To ensure the quality of the wine he attaches special importance to the agrotechnical works of the vineyard and the quality control of the grapes, which guarantee the high quality of his wines. However, in some cases, he purchases grapes from the selected vineyards which satisfy his quality demands. The production is based on the traditional methods of winemaking, which provides full participation of grape’s stalk and marc in alcoholic fermentation. Also, he uses winemaking technology developed by himself, considering the location of the vineyard and the features of the grape breed. All this provides him with a perfect opportunity to produce a high-quality wine and offer it to consumers. The annual productivity is approximately 8000 bottles. Each bottle of wine is hand-crafted, enabling Archil to maximally control the quality of wine.

For years the wines of LTD Telavi Old Cellar have been recognized by sommeliers and wine lovers, receiving awards in various competitions. Archil’s Wine – Saperavi 2016 was awarded with the silver medal within the competition Saperavi International 2018 held by Georgian Wine association. The same saperavi was nominated between top 17 Georgian wines by Decanter in 2020. Archil ‘s Wine Rkatsiteli 2015 won two nominations at the Galicja Vitis 2020 International Wine Competition in Poland. It became a champion and received a Grand Gold Medal (92 points) in the dry white wines category, and won the special award for the best natural wine. Archil’s Wine Rkatsiteli 2018 was nominated within the best Georigan amber wines, with the point of 89, by German media holding Meininger in 2021. The most recent award, silver medal, with 91 points, was received by Archil’s Rkatsieli 2018 on international competition IWSC 2023. Also, Archil’s wine Saperavi 2018 was granted a bronze medal on Saperavi International 2022.

LTD Telavi Old Cellar has been exporting its wines to countries such as Poland, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Israel. See the Facebook ( and Instagram ( ) pages of Telavi Old Cellar for more information.
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