Happy Harvest Season!

In Georgia “Rtveli” now is in full swing, we extend our warmest wishes to all Georgians, our cherished winemakers, and, of course, our valued partners: Georgian wine Bakashvili. ასადელი/Asadeli. Papuna's Cellar. Tales Wine • თალეს ვაინ. Tako Khvedelidzeორთა • Orta. ბედიანი/Bediani. თელავის ძველი მარანი-Telavi Old Cellar. georgien-wein wish you this season bring forth a successful, glorious, and bountiful harvest. 🍷✨

‘Rtveli’ ‘is a time of celebration and hard work, a moment when the fruits of labor come to life. We salute the dedication, passion, and expertise of all those involved in this ancient and noble tradition. 🙌

GCWine journey is marked by collaboration, trust, and a shared passion for excellence. With our partners , we’ve not only preserved the legacy of Georgian winemaking but have also woven it into the fabric of the crypto world.

As we look ahead, the possibilities are endless. 🌟 We’ll continue to break new ground, explore uncharted territories, and redefine what’s possible when tradition meets technology.

So Here’s to a fruitful and successful harvest season ahead! 🌟

From the vineyards of Georgia to the tables of wine enthusiasts worldwide, let the the harvest season unite us all in a joyful toast. 🍷🥂May this Rtveli season be filled with abundant grapes, clear skies, and the joy of coming together to create something truly special.

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