GCWine does not stop looking for new achievements! We are back with an exciting news! We are happy to announce our partnership with ასადელი/Asadeli

????????Davit Mikhelidze’s Family Cellar Asadeli was the first winemaking company who trusted the GCWine project and our future plans ????. This strengthened our motivation and desire to present our project to more and more winemakers.We express our sincere gratitude to Asadeli for joining forces with GCWineand look forward to fruitful cooperation!We recognize the vital role our partners have in promoting the traditional Georgian wine, blockchain and Web 3 technologies.????????????

• Davit Mikhelidze’s Family Cellar always tries to achieve maximum results in its activities, in promoting the history and culture of Georgian wine. They always try to globally present and provethe uniqueness and strength of the Georgian winemaking tradition.They are actively involved in various contests both in Europe and Georgia.As a result of the quality of this unique traditional Georgian wine and tireless hard workDavit Mikhelidze’s Family Cellar has won numerous awards in those competitions (gold, silver and bronze medals).

• “The tradition of making wine has been followed in my family for years. Ultimately this hobby turned into a family business. In 2016 a branded version of my wine appeared on the market”-Davit Mikhelidze tells us about the history of his Cellar.

• Davit Mikhelidze’s Family Cellar also believes in GCWine:“We think that Giswine’s initiative is innovative and exciting. The integration of Georgian wine into the modern, digital world will contribute to its promotion in both the local and international markets”-Says Mr. Mikhelidze.

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