GCWine continues to pursue its goals. We are excited to announce our partnership with Orta Winery!

We sincerely thank ორთა • Orta for joining forces with us and look forward to fruitful cooperation ????????????????. We are glad that more and more Georgian winemakers cooperate with GCWine. Georgian winemakers believe in connecting traditional Georgian wine with the digital world. This trust and confidence is very important to GCWine. ????✊

• Orta LLC was established in 2016 after Tamar Khvedelidze and Mamuka Orkodashvili (the CEO of Orta LLC) got married. They are both winemakers by profession and decided to have their own small family cellar. This year their cellar has been expanded. They added Kvevri (a special type of crockery) and are planning to develop their business in terms of tourism from the next year. Currently the cellar is under reconstruction.

• The name “Orta” has two meanings: first, it denotes that it is created by two people; second, it is an abbreviation of the first 2 letters of the winemakers’ names and surnames.

• “Although we do not have a lot of information about blockchain, we think it is the project of the future and it will be very successful. GCWine is the first Georgian token, which will make Georgian wine and other products popular” – Tamar and Mamuka say about GCWine.

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