The plans of the GCWine project

The GCWine project intends to help Georgian winemakers export their products to the international market, starting with European countries. We plan to work only with highquality wine producers who do not have large-scale production. We will also create a website where European consumers can purchase the wine as soon as it is delivered to warehouses. Additionally, we will help winemakers to participate in various competitions, improve the quality of wine and increase production.
Yes, we will. At the initial stage, customers will have the opportunity to buy Georgian wine produced by our partners on our website with the GCWine (GCW) Token or another adapted coin (e.g.: BNB, ETH, BTC). Customers will enjoy a 10% discount on products if they pay with the GCWine (GCW) Token, and a 5% discount if they pay with other supported cryptocurrencies.
We have formed partnership memoranda with more than 10 winemakers. We are opening an online wine shop in Germany where we will accept payments in the GCWine token, Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB after we obtain the crypto license. We actively post our project news on our social media pages and channels.
Yes, we have marketing and sales strategies which we all developed together with active involvement by our marketing team. However, we do not reveal details in order to keep our strategies secret from our competitors. Our marketing campaigns will be revealed over time on our social network pages and channels
Georgia Cradle of Wine LLC plans to further expand exports to different continents according to the priorities of the wine market size. We also plan to build our own wine factory to produce our own highest quality wine. In addition, we plan to open Georgian shops and restaurants in different parts of the world to promote Georgian wine, culture, and traditions. Customers will be able to purchase products in stores and restaurants as well as online. We also plan to partner with other businesses globally and acquire food business partners so that customers can pay with the GCW Token in stores, restaurants, bars and similar establishments.
Yes, we will. Customers will enjoy a 10% discount when paying with the GCWine (GCW) Token and a 5% discount when paying with other cryptocurrencies. Customers who prove that they have at least 50,000,000,000,000,000 GCWine (GCW) Tokens in their wallet for one year will receive a two-year exclusive right to request making a wine of their choice and taste, blending some of the 525 grape varieties available in Georgia. Additionally, a special online tool will suggest what kind of grape combinations can be used to create a new wine, and will also provide information on whether the wine you would like to create already exists. The front side of the wine bottle label will have the design of your choice, and on the back side of the label, all the necessary information about the wine will be specified.