Be warned, consider the risks. Do not buy GCWine (GCW) token with money you are not ready to lose. The crypto market is very risky and volatile which can make you lose all your money in seconds, so consult with relevant professionals before taking any decision because here you are taking risk and therefore responsibility.

We disclaim all liability to you for any kind of financial loss that you may suffer, because if you agree to the above terms and conditions, you invest, this in turn means that you buy GCWine (GCW) token with understanding, understanding, risk and take full responsibility on yourself. .

Transfer BNB only from the wallet where you control the Private Key, do not transfer from any exchange or market, as this will result in the loss of your tokens, and as I warned you above, you will be solely responsible for the loss  Private Key .

If after all this, you take the risk and buy GCWine (GCW) token, you can do it in the following two ways: by transferring BNB to smart contracts or by clicking on the exchange where you connect the decentralized exchange system or DEX to Metamask and buy GCWine token.

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The maximum purchase amount of GCWine without verification is 1 BNB, after verification you can buy a maximum of 10 BNB worth of GCWine Token.