About Us

About Us

Ushangi Matiashvili

Founder and CEO

Monir Nassan

Solidity Developer

Natia Kotia

Attorney at Law

Giorgi Zarnadze

Attorney at Law

Ia Fartskhaladze


Shota Tsulukidze

Community Manager

Vakho Rukhaya

Social media manager

Nino Okromelidze

Assistant Marketing Manager


Web developer

Founder's Letter to the Society

We warn you, read carefully and understand the risk factors, do not buy GCWine (GCW) token with such money and do not invest your entire savings, invest only the amount, the total loss of which will not cause a sharp deterioration in your financial situation. The crypto market is very risky and highly volatile, which can make you lose your entire savings, Therefore, before you decide to buy/sell GCWine (GCW) Token, consult with the relevant professionals and buy/sell GCWine (GCW) Token at your own risk and responsibility, thereby we remove all liability towards you, and invest only if you agree to these terms. If you buy a GCWine (GCW) token, you understand all the risks and you accept, according to which we are released from all obligations and responsibilities for your lost money.